About brand

ARDESTO is a brand of reliable household appliances, climate control equipment, dishes and home accessories. We create products thinking about you and your comfort.

The manufacturing facilities of the ARDESTO brand are located in Europe, Turkey and China, the country of brand incorporation is Ukraine. We think and take care of the future, do our best to improve your life, make it more comfortable and extend your time for relaxation and enjoying your free time.

We use only the best materials of the highest quality in the production of our household appliances and accessories. The equipment of the factories complies with the international standards, and all ARDESTO products undergo strict quality control at all stages of production and are certified according to European and Ukrainian standards.

A wide network of authorized and certified service centers located throughout the country provides warranty and post-warranty service to our customers.

Since 2019, the ARDESTO brand has been represented in Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.

We create a product that will serve you for many years!